What is the Healthy Weight Loss Rate?

Losing as much weight in the shortest amount of time possible may be the stuff dreams are made of but it can also be very dangerous for your health. A lot of complications may arise from losing too much weight, not to mention that it may mask a medical condition that you might have. To protect yourself, follow a healthy weight loss rate of about one to two pounds a week. Aside from keeping you safe, sticking to the healthy weight loss rate also increases your chances of keeping all that weight off.

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Body functions

Still not convinced that going over the healthy weight loss rate can be bad for you? Then consider this: Your body needs certain levels of fat to function. Over the period of time that you've gained weight, your body has gotten accustomed to functioning with the amount of body fat you have. Losing too much weight too fast means that you're losing too much fat too fast as well. The rate at which you are losing fat can throw your body out of whack, and disrupt bodily processes. With bodily processes disrupted, your immune system slows down, making you more susceptible to diseases. Aside from that, since weight loss is a process, losing too much weight too fast in the initial stages can slow down your body's overall fat-burning capabilities, hurting your weight loss efforts in the long run. Following the healthy weight loss rate will not only help guarantee your health but that you continually lose weight as well in the long run.

Ask your doctor

If you're having a hard time finding a weight loss program that will allow you to stick to a weight loss rate that's healthy for you, don't hesitate to ask your doctor about it. Apart from your medical history, your doctor understands more how weight loss programs really work. As such not only can he provide the skinny on each one, but he can advise you as well on which ones are best suited for your body type and medical condition, if you have one.

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