Considering Quick Weight Loss Programs?

Most people agree, sure, there's a time and place for moderate, slow-results diets, but if you're out of shape and have a deadline to look better, quick weight loss is what you're after. No matter how tight your deadline is, it never helps to panic. Quick weight loss is a goal you can achieve, and there are a few ways to get there. Remember, extreme results are never easy, but then again what goal was ever worth reaching that was easy? Where do you go? Not the bookstore. Most of those diets are more mainstream, "lifestyle fitness" kinds of books that aren't catered to the extreme reader who really wants quick weight loss as a result.

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Okay, so at a very minimum, you need to keep track of ALL calories you're taking in. Set a daily quota, and don't go over it. I don't know what your limit should be of course; that will depend on your size, weight, and typical diet up until now. Your plan of action for quick weight loss will be tweaked more to your individual circumstances. Absolutely take into account your lifestyle. If you work in an office all day, sitting down, it should be lower. More active people might want to allow for a little more. Spread the calories out properly throughout the day as well. It makes much more sense to have three to five evenly sized meals than skipping breakfast, having a light lunch, then gorging yourself for dinner. That's a recipe for hunger pains and being bloated, rather than quick weight loss. Start reading food labels as well. I tell all of my clients to stay away from anything hydrogenated, even though the bad publicity is forcing most companies to cut back on trans fat anyway. Serving size can be misleading if you're looking for quick weight loss, because since the mid 1990's, the FDA standard (if you're in the US at least) has been based on a 3,000 calorie diet. The Calorie-Count website is great for keeping track of all of this. Keeping track of everything is one sure way to achieve your quick weight loss goal. I like how a bodybuilder friend of mine put it, "If you don't track it, you didn't do it."

Liquids are another important part of this quick weight loss goal. Nothing carbonated. These just contain a lot of sodium and force your body to retain water, derailing your efforts to be more active. More and more authorities on nutrition and general medicine recommend green tea and water. Full grown adults should take in two liters of liquids each day (about three-quarters of a gallon). If you're serious about your quick weight loss goal, you might want to stay as close to that amount as possible.

And no matter what kind of quick weight loss program you get into, you just can't take physical exercise out of the equation. While some people hope to, jumping from one silly "lemonade cleansing" diet to the next "low carb" craze, they can never figure out why they stay in bad shape. Try to stick to activities you enjoy, that way you'll at least have a shot of keeping up with them. Most people are surprised by how much they can actually work more physical activity into their regular days. You can skip the elevator, ride a bike to work, or walk if it's feasible. If you're in an office go out during the day whenever you can, even if it's just to walk around. So you can combine decent physical exertion with an effective diet, and you'll realize your quick weight loss goal faster than you probably thought possible.

But even with all of this in mind, most quick weight loss programs are more of a "'last ditch effort" kind of thing. You can lose muscle tissue as well if your body isn't properly nourished. Most people want to avoid the negative image of looking "sickly", or "weak" when they drop several pounds quickly. That's why adequate nutrition is essential. The best all-natural diet programs are the best place to start if you're looking for the right fuel to keep you going in your quick weight loss objectives.

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