Low-Cost Weight Loss Diet Program That Offers More Than 90% Success Rate?

Today weight loss program is multi-million dollars businesses. I believe you would not mind paying those hard-earned cash away if it works and you feel good after that. Bur what irks many people is after going through all those sacrifices and abstinence, it's back to the drawing board. That happened to me until I found that low-cost solution that makes sense works rather than paying through my nose for something that should work and did not.

For those who are unaware, the good old method of low calories, low fat and low carbo diets are not working as the author had tried. Then which method has 90% success rate. At the end of the day, you need something to work first time. This method is based on Calorie Shifting System.

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What is Calorie Shifting System?

What this means you simply shift the types of calories you eat daily to different times of the day. You are not eating less amount of food, lesser carbohydrates, fats or calories. You will be recommended to eat more than three meals a day from different food types for this system to work. No fasting needed!

How does Calorie Shifting Helps in Weight Loss?

If you start a low-calorie diet program, it seems that it is working for you and you are elated. Over a period of time, weight loss stops working and wonder if you have something wrong. What actually happens is the body "got use" to lower amount of calories and adjust to the new calorie intake.
However if you shift the calorie intake, you are creating turbulence in the metabolic equilibrium equation. Suddenly you are feeding the body with a different type of calorie that it does not expect and this confusion causes the body to burn more fat at a faster rate. Thus this triggers a weight loss naturally. This method has to be over a period of the recommended 11 days for weight loss to happen.

You may wonder then what is the difference between the calorie shifting diet and a low-carbohydrate diet, since the latter is known to yield rapid weight loss results as well.

The best part about the Calorie Shifting System is you will be eating more than three meals a day. You will be eating from the four major food grouping on a shifting basis on a 11-day cycle.

How Much Weight Loss will I Achieve?

The author has lost about 8 pounds for every eleven days. Of course you need the discipline to follow the 11-day meal plan for this system to work for you.

How To Maintain Your Ideal Weight?

Once you reach your goal of weight loss, you can stop the 11-day cycle routine. You still need to eat healthy foods and exercise routine to maintain your weight.

How Much To Invest In This Weight Loss Program?

An estimate of more than 90% who chose this Calorie Shifting Program have succeeded in their ideal weight loss. It costs less than 40 dollars. Is this low-cost? You bet.

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