Weight Loss Programs For Shedding Those Extra Pounds

A lot of people usually find it hard to achieve true and proper weight loss. We tend to lose these pounds and more often than not gain it back again and even more. So how do we exactly gain weight? We could pinpoint the culprit to those unburned and unused calories. So to get rid of these calories we need to eat lesser and become more physically active. It is also a good thing to have a weight loss program so that you will have a structured plan on how to lose weight. This weight loss program should not only help you lose weight but also keep you on your desired weight.

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There are three general types of weight loss program, the do-it-yourself program, the non-clinical program, and the clinical program. These three types of program are what we will discuss about in this article.

The do-it-yourself program is any program that you choose to do alone or with a group. These support groups bonds together to achieve a common goal that is to reduce weight. They could also be done within a worksite or in a community based organizations. People doing this type of program usually rely on their judgement and on what they read on reference materials regarding weight reduction.

Non-Clinical weight loss program are those programs that are facilititated by health counselors who may not be a trained health care provider. These programs may or may not be commercially operated. They usually refer to books and pamphlets that are prepared only by the health counselors. Oftentimes the participants are advised to follow a diet plan that the counselors believe would reduce the person's weight.

Clinical programs are facilitated by licensed professionals like physicians, psychologists, and nurses. They usually are run in a health-care environment such as clinics or hospital. These programs may or may not be commercially managed. They could be done by a single health care professional or could be done by a group of professionals; it depends on the type of program that the individual desires. A holistic approach including nutritional education, medical care, behavior therapy, and physical activity, is employed to meet the individual's weight loss target.

Clinical programs might include low-calorie diets, medicinal intervention, and sometimes surgery. These methods could be employed one at a time or in combination depending on the case of the patients.

Very low calorie diets are formulas that give patients no more than 800 calories per day. This is a very good diet plan as it could surely lose more weight than the regular low calorie diet. Side effects could be expected that is why it is recommended only to severely obese patients.

Prescription drugs are prescribed only when your weight problem has a serious effect on your health. Weight reduction drugs, coupled with the right diet, will be a sure-fire way to get rid of your extra pounds. But a thorough medical check-up is required before taking in these drugs.

So no matter what program you choose the bottomline will be your willingness to lose weight. Without this your efforts will be the one that will be deflated, not your weight.

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