Are You Drinking Green Tea For Your Weight Loss?

Weight loss gurus and fitness experts will tell you that in order to lose weight you should either decrease your calories intake or increase your exercise. Actually most will tell you for a very effective weight loss program you want to be doing both at the same time. What they will not tell you though is little secrets that will cause you to reduce your calories intake.

There has been a great buzz now about green tea and weight loss and whenever you have a new weight loss buzz you will find some people who have sworn by it. Green tea has become such a popular weight loss secrets that almost everything that you can think of right now has some amount of green tea in it. It has been added to a lot of well-known beverages.

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One of the great benefits of green tea is that will help your body to block the fat and may even stay off those extra pounds.

The Chinese have been drinking this for centuries to ward off fat, and it might be something that westerners should consider.

A recent preliminary study was done to garner the benefits of drinking green tea. Here is what they found:

o Drinking green cause a decrease in weight

o There was less fat in the liver. (Remember a healthy liver does not have stored fat. And where there is no stored fat, that means that your body is burning the food eaten rather than storing it as fat)

o Caused lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which is the gene that is responsible for obesity

Adding green tea to your diet will have significant help to your weight loss. Your metabolism will be increase and you will be able to lose fat at a faster rate. Try to add to your diet, at least 2-3 cups of green tea per day and begin to shed those hard to lose weight. Adding more than three cups to your diet would be beneficial to your weight loss.

But before you start adding this to your weight loss plan, here are some tips to get you drinking a flavorful clean taste:

o Do not use boiling water when preparing your green tea because this will cause your brewed tea to become bitter

o Do not let the tea steep too long, the longer that you allow the green tea to sit, the more bitter it will become.

For added taste, a slice of lemon could be added to your regiment of drinking green tea. Add honey to your green tea brew instead of sugar for maximum benefit and for a greater tasting tea. Remember that once you start your diet goal, you should be looking for new and interesting way to help you lose the weigh faster. A good diet and a moderate exercise plan should aid you in you in goals. Have a cup of green tea today!

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