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When fitness experts speak of healthy weight loss, they are referring to a process that reshapes the body positively with a longer lasting effect that also makes the person come out healthier. There may be a lot of weight loss plans out there but some are really unhealthy, plus the fact that the results are only temporary, hence, the person is lead to a life of constant dieting to no avail.

Healthy weight loss would result to loss of body fat and at the same time results to muscle preservation. Muscles are important because they are tools that facilitate calorie burning, which of course means storage of lesser fats in the body. The overall effect of applying a healthy weight loss program is a reshaped, slimmer body that people would envy.

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In other words, healthy weight loss works in two ways: decreasing body fats and taking care of the muscles in your body. Muscle actually helps keep your weight under control and of course, the less body fat you have, the more toned your body will be, thus a slimming effect is achieved. Aside from that, the unwanted weight is kept off one's body for a longer time period.

Take note that healthy weight loss is not a "lose fat quickly" method, but is a slower method that requires patience and hard work. However, studies show how losing weight slowly but surely gives you longer lasting results as compared to losing weight quickly that will still come back soon enough. In healthy weight loss, you do not only shed off those extra pounds but also prevent the so called weight regain.

The main technique found in healthy weight loss plans would be this:

- Say No to Bad Eating Habits

If you keep coming back to bad eating habits, then more often than not, those fats would keep on coming back. It is best to try the "habit exchange system" wherein you just replace a bad habit with a good habit. The more you get rid of bad eating habits, the greater the chances of becoming slimmer.


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