Weight Loss - A 5 Day Guide

For effective weight loss,there are several key points that must be noted and acted upon by those who need to lose weight. These key weight loss truths are based on the personal experience of someone who has managed to lose weight in one of the most difficult areas;the belly.

The Day Before: Purchased a portable weighing scale and measuring tape. Like the man said,"if you have come to pray for rain,where are your umbrellas?" Cleared out all junk food. Made a grocery list of healthy snacks and food which aid weight loss. Kept in mind that diet contributes to 80% of weight loss whereas exercise accounts for 20%. Therefore, the lose weight effort must be weighted in favour of a healthy diet. Planned next day meals which were to be made up of four small ones instead of the usual three big ones. Mental preparation included images and thoughts of the after weight loss 'look and feel."

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Day One: Got up from bed early. Started with exercises that lasted for 40 minutes. Focused on stomach crunches as weight loss is targeted on belly area. Cycled around the housing area. Took a breather in the garden. Freshened up and had a light breakfast of fruits,oats and green tea. No sugar. No honey. No milk. Lunch was made up of a tuna sandwich,fruits and green tea. For tea,had digestive biscuits and green tea. Next meal was vegetable stew,a slice of toast and more green tea.

Repeats: Repeated the above on days 2,3,4 and 5. Drank more than 8 glasses of water each day. Weighed-in on alternate days. Maintained targeted lose weight exercise routines. However, varied other sessions with brisk walking and swimming. Maintained diet of 4 smaller meals. Eliminated sugar and anything sweet from my meals. Lunch and dinner was not taken at the usual times. All meals were spaced out by about 4 hours.

Results: On the morning of day 6, weigh-in showed a weight loss of almost 7 pounds! The difference this time around was due to diet as exercise had been a regular habit in the past. To lose weight, once the critical contribution of a proper weight loss diet is understood and applied, weight loss is not difficult.

To lose weight and maintain the loss in the long term,a varied diet would be essential. Such a diet must be simple,easy to prepare and offer as many combinations as possible. Many of those who want to lose weight quit early as they cannot sustain the diet. To lose weight,select a system that offers you a whole range of variety in addition to incorporating the right exercise techniques to burn fat. Pick a diet that allows you to eat what you like and exercise without punishing yourself.

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