New Discovery About Glycemic Index and Weight Loss

If you have been trying to lose weight and have not been successful at it you might have factors affecting your body's reaction to certain foods and not be aware of it. Most dieters take on the challenge to lose weight but never get an understanding on what must happen for you to lose weight. Losing weight is not just going on a weight loss diet and expecting weight loss, in order to lose weight you must understand certain aspects of how food affect your body.

Losing weight is not really how much foods you eat or what type of food you eat but rather how does this food affect your blood sugar.

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If you eat foods that are broken down easily in your body then you will experience sharp spikes in your blood sugar levels. When this happens you experience hunger and cravings which make you feel the need to eat, even when you might not be hungry.

In order for you to lose weight you must understand what foods cause your blood sugar to spike to a sharp increase and what foods cause it not to spike but rather to give you the feeling of full and keep you burning fat. Weight Loss is about eating foods that will give you a maintain, stable blood sugar level. Understanding how this works with your glycemic index will arm you to lose the weight and keep it off.

Glycemic Index For Weight Loss

You might be wondering what is glycemic index. Well, Glycemic index is the exact scientific ranking of foods based on how much they increase your blood sugar levels after you have consumed them. In general it is the measuring how your blood sugar either increases or remain constant after you have eaten food. Your blood sugar level might spike after a meal of white rice but maintain a stable blood sugar level after eating a vanilla pudding. The Glycemic Index looks at the impact of food and your blood sugar levels over a 2-3 hour period following a meal.

If you can understand what foods will cause a spike and what foods will give you a sustain blood sugar level then you will be able to:

-stop food cravings
-not feel so hungry all the time

Instead you will eat until you are full and once you are full you will feel satisfied and not feel the need to snack after you have had a meal. And because you are eating the right foods you will be able to burn fat without even trying!

Your goal is to begin to eat low-GI foods that are more filling, stop the craving, stop the sharp spike in blood sugar levels and still be able to burn fat and lose weight. Just by making small changes with the food that you eat can cause big changes in your weight loss efforts. Try to eat more foods such as oatmeal and pasta rather than white rice or white bread to get a feeling of being full and an ability to lose weight.

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