Hoodia Gordonii - Is It Really Best for Weight Loss?

With its immense popularity and largely documented efficacy as a weight loss product, Hoodia Gordonii might well be the best product out there for losing weight. After all, it is organic; and it does not pose damage to one's health or body. It is a natural supplement so unlike other drugs, it will not cause heart problems or heart palpitations.

But not all hoodia products can do a good job trimming your body of unwanted fat. In fact, only products labelled as 'hoodia gordonii' actually contain the component needed for losing weight. This component is called P57 and it acts as an appetite suppressant similar to the effect of glucose. It helps prevent you from overeating, giving you a feeling of fullness. It also keeps you from feeling frequent hunger pains. Users have observed increased energy and have felt their metabolism rate speed up. Most users have experienced weight loss as early as the first week of treatment.

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However, there are some cautions against using these products. In particular, pregnant women shouldn't use this as it may cause problems to the fetus. No testing has yet been done (no testing has yet been recorded, at least) to find out its safety and effect on unborn children, however, it is believed to be quite possible to pass on hoodia in breast milk so nursing mothers are highly discouraged from using it.

Still consult your doctor before buying any hoodia product if you are extremely hypersensitive or if you are prone to allergies and follow their recommended dose and treatment period. Be sure to only buy a weight loss product that is 100 percent certified as authentic and comes with a no risk money back guarantee.

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