Quick Weight Loss Tips For Children

With the growing number of obese children in the United States, many parents are wondering how they can foster healthy lifestyles and eating habits to help their children stay healthy and avoid weight loss issues. These quick tips just might save your child from a lifetime of obesity-related disease and problems.

Don't introduce your little ones to sweets, dessert and fast food. Instead, get them in the habit of viewing fruit as a treat and lean chicken breast as being tastier than chicken nuggets. Fruit will satisfy their sweet tooth. Many well-meaning relatives think it's adorable to watch your little toddler lick an Oreo for the first time. They will be quick to judge you, calling you over-protective and neurotic for not allowing this. Your child has plenty of time to be exposed to all the junk food that you yourself love. When using this tip think: You're not denying them a quick satisfying experience, you're giving them the ability to develop their taste buds towards healthier foods. Using this quick tip could mean that weight loss may never be an issue for them.

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The "clean your plate club" has been dissolved! Or at least, it should be. Forcing your child to eat more than they can is just ludicrous. As adults and former members of that club, we still tend to finish everything on the plate even if we're full, making weight loss difficult. Instead, learn to portion your child's meals better. I've heard plenty of parents use the old adage of "You're a growing boy... eat up!" Your child needs to learn how to respond to hunger sensations. Help them to eat slowly and really enjoy their food. A quick tip here is to have them set their forks down between bites. The brain takes twenty minutes to catch up to the stomach. This quick tip teaches your child to recognize when they're satisfied and can be big part of natural weight loss.

Never use food as a reward or punishment. We're so quick to offer sweets as a reward for our children's good behavior. How many times have you said to your child at the grocery store, "If you're good, I'll buy you a treat at the check-out." We are also very quick to throw out the "You'll go to bed with no dessert if you keep acting that way!" The psychological implications you're making about food will cause weight loss issues for your child his whole life. When children associate food with feeling good, they will often use food to make themselves feel better. Hugging your child for a job well done is so much better than giving them a cookie. Another quick tip towards weight loss issue prevention is to keep a small "prize" jar. Fill the jar with little trinkets like plastic animals and offer these as a reward instead of cookies.

When you think about a quick tip for weight loss, think more about a tip that will help prevent any sort of weight loss issue. The above quick tips to prevent weight loss issues will help your children develop healthy eating habits and healthy attitudes about eating.

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