Alternative Weight Loss Exercises

Warning: You're about to see 2 alternative weight loss exercises that may seem strange and unusual. As simple and crazy as they are, they're 10 times superior than jogging and situps to lose weight fast.

If you aren't open to new ways on how to lose weight, stop reading this immediately.

2 Alternative Weight Loss Exercises

1. Spinning around in a circle like children

First off, I know it sounds crazy. But instead of just saying it doesn't work, how about you try it out first. It only takes 15 seconds each time you do it.

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Here's what you do... you spin around clockwise with your arms out like airplane wings. Do this for between 5 and 15 spins. Your goal is to get slightly dizzy, not really dizzy. Read that again!

Now, the reasoning as to why this works for weight loss is because the spinning stimulates your Endocrine System (it regulates your hormones) to balance out the release of your hormones. Most people have hormonal imbalances which hurt weight loss and general health.

The spinning fixes that and puts your body in the ideal state to lose a lot of weight fast. There's more to this than what I just mentioned, so if you want to learn more you can click the link below to get my free 19 page weight loss spinning report.

2. Jumping on a mini-trampoline

This is great because you can do 2 minute mini-workouts during tv commercials. These mini-workouts not only save you time, but the boost your metabolism up a lot better than just 1 longer workout. The great news is, a 1 hour tv show has about 22 minutes of commercials... so there's your 22 minute cardio workout. Also, a mini-trampoline only costs $25.

So try those alternative weight loss exercises and watch as you start to effortlessly lose weight.

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