How To Speed Up Your Weight Loss Without Diet Pills, Starving Yourself or A Ton Of Cardio Workouts

Weight Loss isn't just about cutting carbs or popping diet pills in your mouth like the media wants you to believe. Weight loss is really very simple if you follow the correct steps. I'm not going to hype this article up , I'm just going to get to the point fast. Here It goes:MAKE AN EFFORT TO DROP SODA FROM YOUR DIET that should drop 10-15 lbs immediately!
DON'T EAT AFTER 7:30PM another thing that will help you immediately
EAT BREAKFAST!!! too many people mess up their metabolism by not eating breakfast in the a.m. You mess up your metabolism by skipping breakfast
EAT MORE FOOD!!!when you cut down on your calories too much, you just put your body into a starvation mode and your fat burning engine crawls down to a hault. no fuel to burn.
STOP THE LONG BORING TREADMILL ROUTINES cardio training such as the treadmill routines the average person performs in the gym is not the weight loss answer.Although it's great for the heart,it does little to reshape your body and burn calories long term.
USE WEIGHT TRAINING AS A PART OF YOUR WEIGHT LOSS ROUTINE.. the correct weight training exercises performed with medium resistance over a 45 minute period will add to your fat loss because if you add just a few pounds of lean muscle, you'll double your fat loss much quicker than a silly treadmill workout.
SAY GOODBYE TO THOSE SPECIALTY COFEE DRINKS..enough with those 800-1000 calorie drinks at Starbucks!You're ruining your body no matter the results your aiming for.
EAT 5-6 SMALLER MEALS PER DAY INSTEAD OF 2 HUGE spreading out your calories you'll drop cravings and keep your metabolism burning more efficiently during the day and evenings
STOP LISTENING TO FRIENDS REGARDING YOURS AND THEIR WEIGHT LOSS METHODS.. friends try to help but most of them are also eating and training the wrong way for weight loss,although they mean well, they really have no clue because the average person gets their diet and fitness advice from another person that knows nothing about weight loss in the first place.
MIX UP YOUR WEIGHT LOSS TRAINING ROUTINE..too many people just walk on a treadmill all week and complain the weight isn't coming off. Muscle has memory and if it gets bored, it'll just shut down and you'll just go through the motions.
FLUSH YOUR DIET PILLS DOWN THE scientific evidence supports these claims of fat loss you see on t.v. NO PILL BURNS FAT. These are just some tips to follow.

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