Can Weight Loss Surgery Help Me With My Weight Issues?

Obesity, without doubt, is a serious health problem. More so because it becomes a fertile breeding ground for numerous other complications like high blood pressure, arthritis, cardiac problems, diabetes and much more.

You should think of weight loss surgery, also called Bariatric surgery, only as a last resort after you have exhausted all other non-invasive options. These options include changes in diet, life style, exercises, weight loss supplements, treatment and so on.

It must be noted that weight loss surgery should not be resorted to for cosmetic purposes. It should be considered only as life saving treatment when overweight may have become morbid and started interfering with the quality of life.

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You cannot decide in favor of or against the weight loss surgery because the surgery of some one you know succeeded or failed to provide the relief.

Now the question whether or not weight loss surgery can help you with your weight loss can best be addressed to your Bariatric surgeon. The reason for this is that no two weight loss situations can be completely identical. Each individual may have his unique problem.

Your Bariatric surgeon can provide you all the necessary information about the various surgical options. Since weight loss surgery is a very crucial issue, you must ask all the questions that come to your mind and seek unambiguous clarification without feeling any hesitation. Do not depend upon the advice of just one doctor. Ask for references of the patients who have already undergone similar type of surgeries and can provide you the feed back freely without any reservations.

It must be noted that weight loss surgery may involve potential risks and complications and results too can be drastic. So you must be truly informed before giving your legal 'informed consent' for the surgical procedure.

Bariatric surgery is usually recommended for patients who are 100 pounds or more overweight. Their body index-BMI-may be around 40 or higher.

You must carefully assess the risks and benefits that may accompany the surgical procedure. The surgery does not require the removal of adipose tissue or fat by suction or excision. It must be borne in mind that the ultimate success of the weight loss surgery will depend upon your post operation life style changes, diet and exercise. Some times certain problems may crop up that may necessitate re-operation.

Some complications arising out of weight loss surgery may involve bleeding, deep vein thrombosis, infections, leaks from staple line breakdown, marginal ulcers, pulmonary problems, spleen injury besides the complications due to anesthesia and medications.

In about 0.03% of cases bleeding may take place during the surgery which can be controlled only by the removal of spleen.

Weight loss surgery is usually performed by laparoscopic technique which may not succeed with some patients. In such situations the doctors resort to 'open' procedure which may "include a history of prior abdominal surgery causing dense scar tissue, inability to visualize organs and bleeding problems during the operation."

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