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If you are reading this article, chances are you, or someone you know, is over weight and you want to change that as quickly as you can. Possibly, you've come to the realisation that if you don't lose the weight you will end up severely disabled or even worse, dead! But here's the tough part of your dilemma: your will power and your ability to stick to a particular diet is limited to zero - even if that diet is going to save your life! Don't worry, this article will give you the help on how you can easily up your commitment to your diet and save your life.

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The biggest thing that you will face is giving up on your diet before you even start! Or if you do start, it will be a half-hearted attempt that will not do you justice. Simply put, in the first few days you will see no change in your weight and you will give up right before you are about to hit your first goal. You're not stupid, you already know that it is vital that you stick to your diet for a week - 10 days, but you give up frustrated and disillusioned long before that. No doubt, the first week on a weight loss diet is the hardest, but once you're through that first week, things begin to get easier.

There is no disputing that losing weight is a major deal. What you are attempting to do is to change your life. That is tough and extremely hard to do on your own. What you need to begin your weight loss goal is help and that help comes in the form of a diet program. Keeping your motivation up is key and a diet that outlines what you eat and when you eat it, is a major factor in losing weight.

Another point you must consider is, when you overeat! If you are an emotional eater and you overeat when you are emotional and or low, then you have to stop seeing food as a comforter for your hurt and pain and instead, start seeing food as a means to fuel your body with the calories and nutrients it needs to function healthily and normally.

You must substitute the comfort that you get from food, with something else. The way to do this is to expand your life and find that comfort and joy in other, more healthier pursuits! I mean whoever taught us that food was designed to comfort us has a great deal to answer for. Take the kids out! Go for a swim! Whatever is going to replace food as a source of comfort in your life, embrace it! You will be pleasantly surprised how good you feel when you put down the food and engage with someone or something else. You begin to feel proud of yourself and you begin to want more of that proud feeling.

What you must also do, is find out why you eat! Yes you're low and you eat when you're low, but why? I know that I used to eat when I was lonely, I recognised that and fixed it. If you need to talk to a councilor to find out just what is at the root of your over eating, then do so. Tap into that vital reason and your motivation for losing the weight will go through the roof.

Seeing result when you're trying to lose weight is also a great motivator. As already said, the beginning of a diet can be slow to show results, but if you add exercise to your weight loss diet, then I guarantee you will see quicker results that are far easier to sustain.

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