Weight Loss Scams - Is There a Weight Loss Miracle Or Are They All Scams?

Weight loss scams promise massive weight loss for little or no results. If you type in "weight loss" to Google you will see hundreds of ads for weight loss miracles, pills, lotions and potions, miraculous breakthroughs and natural remedies.

All these claim to be the ultimate weight loss secret, but none of them really work. Trust Miss Gullible - I've tried them.

I am sure you already know that the only way to lose weight is diet and exercise. That is what everyone says, but I suppose we are always seeking an easier, quicker way. As a society we want things done now and weight loss is no exception.

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These weight loss scams will use many different testimonials and pictures of attractive people, along with "medical advice".

Again the golden rule of "if it seems to good to be true then it probably is" still applies.

But it is all very well to say this now, Miss Gullible has still fallen for these scams and here is an example:

I am not overweight, but I was feeling ugly and fat one day when I was surfing the net and decided to look up "how to lose weight". I was surprised to see the huge amount of ads for various weight loss products, gimmicks, machines, lotions and pills. I decided to buy some Hoodia. It is a kind of cactus plant that suppresses the appetite.

I bought a bottle of pills and was excited to try them. Well guess what they didn't work.

Another time I decided to try some Reductil, which is a prescription drug for weight loss. It worked for a day, was ridiculously expensive and made me really dizzy and sick.

I was watching TV one day and an ad came on for an ab machine. I thought if I had one I could use it in the evenings. The ad was full of beautiful people and I was seduced. It didn't work and it was as boring as hell.

I have tried cellulite lotions, pills, machines, gadgets and gizmos, but the only thing that has worked is the gym and healthy eating.

What works even better is being a few pounds over weight and being able to relax.

Please don't waste your money. Buy yourself something gorgeous to make yourself feel good instead.

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