Vital Elements of a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Why do so many people find it so hard to lose weight when there are more diet plans available than one can handle? Because unfortunately, there is a lack of good diet plans. By 'good' diet plan, meaning one that achieves permanent weight loss.

Most fad diets out there focus on 'quick weight loss', which is nothing more than a quick fix at best. The lure of instant gratification attracts gullible people to these diets like moths to a porch light. They soon realize that it was a waste of money, time and effort for something totally useless.

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An acquaintance may recommend a good weight loss program, but you should make sure that it really works for you. Your friends recommendation is based on his personal experience. He may have used that weight loss program to lose weight, but body types are as different as people are and no one size fits all. It would surely work if you could take the weight loss plan and then change or modify it based on your needs!

Some of the facts about weight loss are pretty much 'common knowledge'. For example, if you are serious about weight loss, you cannot live on junk foods. To achieve weight loss, you need to switch from junk food to raw food. Eating a food in its raw form would make sure that you take in the least amount of calories and give your body the maximum amount of nutrition.

Being overly worried about carbohydrates doesn't really make sense. You can't avoid them completely because they are the main energy source for your body. Your diet must contain the proper amount of carbohydrates, protein, fats, fiber, minerals and vitamins for healthy weight loss. What is more important is to replace the simple carbs (such as sugar, processed foods, white flour, etc) with complex carbs.

You must eat the right amount of food for healthy weight loss. If you eat too much, you will gain weight. But if you eat too little, your weight loss will not be in a healthy way. Why? When you don't eat enough, your calorie intake is severely reduced and so is your energy. To compensate for the deficiency, your body will burn muscle for energy. It will also try to protect itself by storing fat (instead of burning it) so that it can use the fat in case there is another energy shortage in future!

Your diet will make or break your weight loss plan. Make sure you choose you weight loss programs wisely!

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