Is Your Thyroid And Your Weight Loss Connected?

The first question someone would ask is what is thyroid and how does it affects my weight loss program. Weight loss is affected by a many things and you have to make sure that before you get on a weight loss program that you body does not have complications that you are unaware of. By being unaware of health issues you will probably hurt your body more than you will be helping yourself. What is thyroid?

Thyroid regulates metabolism and blood calcium levels. This may cause a problem in your metabolism, which could lead to you gaining weight rather than losing weight or you might just find that it is just hard for you to lose weight.

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Most people when they decide to go on a weigh loss program do not consider their thyroid as an issue with losing weight. It just never becomes a question because the thyroid is not talking about that much. You will hear all the talk about calories but never about thyroid, yet it is important for a healthy weight loss.

People who are suffering from a thyroid problem, which is called hyperthyroidism, have an overactive thyroid, which causes an individual metabolism to not function, as it should. If you are experiencing this problem, you will find that you lose weight quite rapidly. But thought you might think that this is good; it is very hazardous for your health. You will also notice that you not only lose the weight fast but you have difficulty maintain an weight gain, you may also experience a weakness of your eyes at which time you should seek the advice of a doctor.

Thyroid does not only cause rapid weight loss but it also causes unusual weight gain. Unlike hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism results in a weakness in the body. Again if you are having any of these symptoms, you cannot self-treat. Only a physician can offer the right medication to correct this problem.

It is hard enough for a healthy person to cut his or her calorie intake and balance his or her diet but it is even harder for someone who is suffering from a thyroid problem. This occurs because the person is now taking in too little calories.

This problem persist because many have listened to fitness experts and gurus tell us that you should be cutting calories and if you just cut the calories then you should see the result of weight loss. But while cutting calories does help your diet if you are eating too little caries then this will signal your body into a store mode and the body will slow down its metabolism and now you will have less energy. Now you have less energy because your metabolism has slowed down and once you enter the zone where your body slows down you are no longer losing weight. What should be ideally happening is that you should be able to reduce your calorie intake without causing the body's metabolism to go into slow mode.

To fix this problem you should try to keep your diet on a 40-25-35 ratio. You will try to keep your food intake to a 40% protein with a 25% fat along with 35% carbohydrates. Try to maintain this ratio and you will begin to see results that will help you to keep your weigh loss program.

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