Developing a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

This has been in for a long while now; a little flab here and an extra inch there are widely regarded as being bad news. Look around and you will see weight loss representatives eager to help you start off on programs for healthy weight loss. "Healthy" -- now that is a word to emphasize. Fad diets are all over the place these days. Most often, they are not ways of guaranteeing healthy weight loss. After all, what is the point of losing weight if you end up with metabolism-related problems? Obesity does lead to health problems, but so do fad diets. So how does one come across a healthy weight loss program?

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Obesity eats your energy levels and affects your self-esteem. Your neighbors might suggest a crash diet program that worked wonders for her. However, this does not mean that the same diet would work for you. Yo-yo dieting is bad news for health more often than not. Cut down on your fatty indulgences and drink some protein shakes and you could be on your way to losing fat and building muscles. On the flip side, however, you could end up with kidney troubles. Similarly, reducing your calorie intake might help you shave off a few inches in the short term. However, the weight loss might not be a permanent one.

So how does one come up with a healthy weight loss plan? Popeye, the well-known cartoon character is always shown eating spinach, while his friend Wimpy is constantly chowing on hamburgers and fries. The results are there for all to see. While Wimpy is flabby, Popeye is muscular enough to take on any villain that comes his way. It is just another reminder that the key to healthy weight loss lies in eating right.

To begin with, one's weight loss targets need to be reasonable. You can't just wake up a week before Christmas and hope to lose twenty pounds before that Christmas Eve party. Not only is this an unreasonable target, but achieving it can only be done through unhealthy means. You need to develop a healthy weight loss plan. This would involve setting reasonable goals. Tell yourself that you will lose two pounds a week and work towards it. Start slow, be patient and be persistent -- that is the secret to healthy weight loss.

It is best to visit a doctor or a qualified dietitian to figure out what would be a healthy weight loss plan for you. Each person has a different kind of metabolism combined with different health issues. You will need to chart out a suitable diet plan that will give you your daily dose of carbohydrate, calories, proteins, fats, and vitamins. You would also have to start doing some regular exercise. You could set out for a jog every morning; or you could get together with some friends and join an aerobics class. If you are the sporty type, playing tennis more often could work wonders. Healthy weight loss need not be a faraway dream if you are focused on your goal.

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