Prescription Drugs For Weight Loss

Most prescription drugs for weight loss work in one of two ways. They either suppress the appetite or reduce the amount of fat absorbed into the body from the foods we eat. Due to some concerns, many medical authorities only recommended their use for a maximum of two years. The primary prescription drugs for weight loss are Meridia, which will suppress the appetite, and Xenical, which reduces the amount of fat absorbed into the body by up to a third.

Although diet pills are not new they are not the preferred choice of treatment for weight loss by doctors and dieticians. A controlled diet and regular exercise are a far better option for the vast majority of persons looking to lose weight. Natural weight loss diets are considered the safest and surest way to lose weight without many uncomfortable side effects and to also prevent any unwanted weight or body fat from returning. As long as you moderately reduce your calorie and fat consumption, you do not have to follow a specific strict diet. Just think healthy eating leads to healthy lifestyle which gains a healthy body.

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Apart from following a healthy diet, exercise plays an equally important role in the treatment of weight loss and should form part of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise does not necessarily mean running miles every day or joining a gym. Walking, swimming, cycling or jogging all help to burn calories whilst making the heart and lungs grow stronger. Exercise will help to burn fat stores whilst invigorating the body thus helping you to feel more energized. Exercise, particularly when you begin to see results, will improve your confidence and self esteem.

Resistance training together with a healthy diet, will help to increase your BMI (body mass index) and build muscle which is associated with a higher metabolic rate. The higher your metabolism the more calories your body will consume, even when resting. I strongly believe that a healthy diet and regular strenuous exercise can deliver weight loss that is similar to, or better than using prescription drugs for weight loss. The key is to aim for a more healthy lifestyle for the benefits are worth more than any diet pill.

One important point to consider, the ingredients used in many common prescription drugs for weight loss can disrupt sleep when used long term. Obviously this can have a detrimental effect on your well-being, both mentally and physically. Certain herbs such as dandelion, nettle and green tea are excellent natural alternatives for effective healthy weight loss.

In the short term prescription drugs for weight loss may provide benefits when used properly as part of a weight management program. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the challenges of eating healthy, exercising more, managing stress, and getting enough sleep - all important factors of an effective weight loss program. The key is to aim for a healthy lifestyle for permanent results will surely follow.

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