Risks of Weight Loss Surgery

After a weight loss surgery, there is a distinct possibility that a person might become malnourished. However precautions can be taken to help ensure that sufficient nutrients are included in daily meals. One of the possible solutions is to drink several high protein drinks every day. One of the problems of this solution is that not everybody is able to take the taste of the drink and it is not readily available.

There are actually many risks involve in weight loss surgery. Some of the possible risks could include allergies ranging from rash to sudden overwhelming reactions that might even result in death. Minor to massive bleeding during surgery, blood clots, infection of the wound, bladder infection, skin infections or deep abdominal infections are some common risks involve in any kind of major surgeries. Other risks could be the leaking of stomach acid, bacteria, and digestive enzymes into the abdominal cavity. Ulcers and narrowing at the connection between stomach and small bowel can also happen to about one quarter of the patients.

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Many might not be aware of this but depression, a common medical illness might also occur after a weight loss surgery. This could be due to the inability to eat normally. Many coffee, tea and caffeinated soda drinkers might also experience severe headaches following a weight loss surgery. Hence it is usually advisable to stop caffeine consumption a few weeks before a weight loss surgery.

The total expected complication rate is about 30 percent. Some people have both major and minor complications after a surgery while others have none at all. The major risks of weight loss surgery are from respiratory failure, blood clots and leakage of stomach contents into the surrounding tissues. Eighty percent of the people who die within the first 30 days after surgery have one of these complications.

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