My Weight Loss Story - Losing 8 Kilograms in 2 Months Using Mind Techniques

Is Weight Loss possible without using Mind Techniques?

While the typical weight loss techniques recommended by experts are important and effective, most people did not realize that:  Mind Techniques are probably the most commonly underrated factors in a successful weight loss plan.

Like most people, I got a rude awakening reaching middle age when I noticed a series of dramatic physical changes: Uncontrollable weight gain, expanding waistline, deteriorating sleep quality, lower metabolism rate, and lower energy level.  After having spent so much on new work pants to fit my expanding waistline, I know enough is enough.  With determination to regain the athletic body and health that I used to have, I mapped out my personal weight control plan with a vengeance.

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Weight Loss Plan That Focuses On Mind Techniques

I know that if I could follow through those weight loss techniques, I would be able to cut my weight.  The question is: How to ensure successful execution?

There are no drugs involved in my weight control plan, only two simple components: Exercise and Diet.  There is nothing magical about the weight loss techniques used -these are commonly known techniques easily accessible from health sites.  The key success factor I have identified here is to focus on the mental aspect of the plan: 

How I can motivate myself to put this plan into action everyday?  The secret is in using Mind Techniques.

How Does Mind Techniques Work In Weight Loss?

All the activities our body undertakes are directed by our mind.  If the mind is not willing, all the knowledge, equipments, and even a qualified coach will not help achieve weight loss.

The way to apply mind techniques in weight loss is to condition the mind to inculcate these weight control activities to become daily lifestyle habits.  The Power of Habit is an amazing mind tool that can be leveraged for weight loss.  When a habit is formed, activities can be performed everyday without much effort -it will be like running on autopilot.

Psychologists have established that it takes at least 21 days of repetitive daily workout to form a habit. 

The challenge is: How to perform an uninspiring task for 21 days without interruption?

If the activity is unpleasant to the mind, doing it for 21 days without failing is an onerous task.  On the contrary, the habit will be much easier to form when the activity is enjoyable!

We are well aware that good habits are usually harder to form than bad habits because they are usually less pleasurable than bad habits.  However, if you could condition your mind to enjoy ordinary exercise routine, it will soon become a habit.  Using mind techniques as the key driver, my weight loss plan becomes a daily habit.  It becomes as natural as brushing teeth in the morning, and as pleasurable as listening to my favorite music.  It simply becomes effortless.

Effortless Weight Loss After Two Months

Two months after tuning my mind into the habit of running, yoga and diet, I reduced my weight from 78 kilograms to 70 kilograms, and waistline from 34 inch to 29 inch.

Now, running, yoga and diet have not only helped me regain the ideal weight, they have become an enjoyable part of my life.  It is a daily activity I look forward to, which makes me feel good, look good, sleep well and eat well.

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