Setting a Goal For Weight Loss

Most people decide that they want to lose weight and never set a goal for losing the weight and start for about 3 weeks and give up and then they say that losing weight is hard and it's just not for them. Without considering weight loss anymore, they decide they want to take a surgery, take some diet pills or just plain old give up and resigning themselves to a life of being fat.

Oddly enough, the weight loss did not work because you did not have a plan to work. What you had was a dream to lose weight but you never converted it into an action plan that you could have applied action to and see results.
Set a goal for weight loss.

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If you do not have a goal then you will quit, it is just that simple. When you get a goal, you will more likely t stick to that goal until you see results.

1.Decide how much weight you want to lose, be specific about your number.

2.Decide on a start date and time.

3.Decide on an end date, also put a disclaimer to yourself that if you don't reach your desired weight loss number, you will continue for an extra numbers of days to reach your desired weight.

4.Put in place a resting time. You might have bad days so make room for them, not too much but just enough to keep you motivate

5.Get a support system to keep you motivated and getting you along to finish your weight loss plan

6.Write a commitment to yourself that you will not quit, you will continue until you get to that number

7.Get a weight loss journal to put all the information about your feelings, weight loss challenges, triumphs and failures, so that you will see the strides and success you have made

8.Take a before picture. Sometimes you have an ideal body in your mind that you might be lose weight but you just don't see it because you haven't reach your ideal weight yet and this will cause a premature defeated attitude

9.Set a realistic goal. Don't tell yourself that you want to lose 20 pounds in 1 week. That isn't likely to happen.

10.Be positive, patient and kind to yourself. No one deserves this more than you so don't stress yourself over it. Stressing yourself will actually make you put on more weight. Stress causes weight gain in your midsection, so don't stress yourself out about your weight.

Keep in mind that your goal is not set in stone; you can always modify it to make it more achievable. Don't add more weight or lessen the time, make changes that will make your goal more attainable. As you begin to write your goal and revise it, you will also get to know foods you like, foods you want to try and foods you just won't eat. You will also be exploring different exercise options too.

Remember put a goal in place, keep it simple and make it achievable so that you will become a weight loss success.


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